Version History

(E) indicates Enhanced Viewer


  • Fixed: Download link had no text in some circumstances
  • Updated: Hungarian translation (thanks szemcse)


  • Fixed: Javascript error within WP 3.9 visual editor (thanks Sergey)
  • Fixed: (E) Unsupported browser message on some documents
  • Changed: (E) Lengthened default network timeout
  • Removed: Long-useless authonly= and lang= shortcode parameters (use profiles)


  • Changed: Updated mobile detection library
  • Changed: Updated settings navigation style for WP 3.8+
  • Changed: Updated Dutch translation (thanks Niko)


  • Fixed: Settings and profiles import
  • Changed: Removed more unreachable legacy code


  • Fixed: PHP warning on multisite during uninstall (thanks TigranTovmasyan)
  • Changed: (E) Viewer settings use native color picker
  • Changed: Now requires WordPress 3.5+ (removed legacy functions)


  • Fixed: Mixed content restrictions while parent page is SSL
  • Removed: page= shortcode attribute (broken in Google Viewer)
  • Removed: Beta delivery api (server bandwidth issues/WP repo policies)


  • Added: (E) Right-click menu disabled on secure documents
  • Fixed: Support tab service errors
  • Changed: Czech translation updated (thanks Jirka)


  • Fixed: save=0 option not respected in some cases
  • Fixed: No submit button on support tab if using < WP 3.4 (thanks fatherb)
  • Fixed: (E) cache=0 option breaks secure document display (thanks Manish)
  • Fixed: (E) Javascript sometimes broken with WP_DEBUG enabled
  • Changed: (E) Increased timeout period on fetching document contents


  • Fixed: (E) Hangs on document load due to Google code changes
  • Fixed: (E) Profile language not honored on New Window button tip (thanks Ege)
  • Fixed: New profiles may appear blank on initial load
  • Fixed: HTTP status code check is too stringent for some servers
  • Fixed: Spurious database error on deactivation if log table not present
  • Fixed: PHP error when API key retrieval fails


  • Added: (E) Option to restrict full screen view to logged-in users
  • Fixed: Rate limit exceeded on shortened URLs (thanks Dan)
  • Fixed: Some settings remain in database after uninstall
  • Fixed: Dimensions not sanitized in editor dialog
  • Changed: Activation rebuilt to alleviate profile related errors
  • Changed: Insert from Media Library ability restored for WP 3.5+


  • Fixed: Force download option gives PHP error (thanks Zverina)
  • Fixed: Force download breaks on filenames with multiple extensions
  • Fixed: Numeric-only profile names accepted (conflict with IDs)
  • Fixed: Can't validate redirected URLs (thanks onesoftindiana)
  • Fixed: Duplicating table indexes when logging enabled


  • Fixed: Unsupported file type regression interferes with some uploads


  • Fixed: Fatal error with certain plugins and themes
  • Changed: Network activation halted for now (multisite single activation OK)
  • Changed: Removed reliance on web services for file type recognition
  • Changed: Multisite database improvements
  • Changed: Text domain now called on the appropriate hook


  • Added: Russian translation (thanks Józek)
  • Added: Dutch translation (thanks Robert)
  • Fixed: Default profile not created on clean install (thanks Clifford)
  • Fixed: Viewer size from shortcode doesn't default to pixel
  • Fixed: False error message when file validation is blocked (thanks Richard)


  • Added: "Profiles" allow each viewer instance to have its own settings
  • Added: (E) Private document support (block downloads of source file)
  • Added: (E) Customize viewer color scheme
  • Added: (E) Full toolbar customization, including removal
  • Added: Backup/Import of settings and viewer profiles
  • Added: page= shortcode attribute to start viewer on designated page
  • Added: Beta delivery API for automatic updates of pre-release versions
  • Added: Media Library and editor integration improvements
  • Added: Support for dynamic protocol document links (thanks Clifford)
  • Added: French translation (thanks Erwan)
  • Added: Ukrainian translation (thanks Józek)
  • Fixed: Uses WordPress HTTP API instead of cURL etc. throughout
  • Fixed: (E) Hidden toolbar buttons still narrowly clickable (thanks rohan)
  • Fixed: Editor dialog and default base URL with non-standard include
  • Fixed: File validation fails if content-length missing (thanks paulod)
  • Fixed: Invalid HTML in support form
  • Changed: Completely rewritten core and administrative interface
  • Changed: (E) Improved default viewer toolbar style
  • Changed: Now requires WordPress 3.2+ (due to necessary PHP5 functions)
  • Changed: Errors now show inline instead of as HTML comments by default
  • Removed: force= shortcode attribute (redundant and confusing)


  • Fixed: Error in Mask URL download link for non-PDF file types


  • Fixed: Regression breaks some files containing spaces (thanks mlautens)
  • Fixed: Mask URL 400 error on filenames with spaces (thanks mrhaanraadts)
  • Fixed: PDF Force Download option doesn't support SSL


  • Added: PPS and OTF support
  • Fixed: Broken support of international filenames in IE (thanks beredim)
  • Fixed: More robust file size checking with nonstandard filenames
  • Fixed: Global disable cache option not always honored
  • Fixed: (E) Mobile theme not loaded if not globally requested
  • Changed: Now requires WordPress 3.0+ (mainly for support reasons)


  • Added: (E) Dark theme shortcode option (EXPERIMENTAL)
  • Added: Turkish translation (thanks LettoBlog)
  • Fixed: Visual editor integration for IIS webhosts (thanks Kristof)
  • Changed: Debug information is now a support page from plugin list


  • Fixed: PHP Warning related to MIME type expansion (thanks Adebayo)


  • Added: Spanish translation (thanks elarequi)
  • Added: Method to obtain debug information
  • Fixed: Insertion of non-GDE file types from Media Library


  • Added: Allow native upload/insert of all supported file types
  • Added: Shortcode inserted from Media Library for supported files
  • Added: Localization support (translations welcome)
  • Added: (E) Ability to use mobile theme
  • Fixed: (E) Toolbar customization on mobile
  • Fixed: Editor integration no longer loads its own TinyMCE/jquery libs
  • Fixed: URL changes for plugin, help links, beta checking
  • Fixed: (E) "Moved Temporarily" error (thanks webmonkeywatts)


  • Added: Option to set base URL for embedded files (thanks KevEd)
  • Added: Option to show error messages inline instead of as HTML comments
  • Added: File type check in editor dialog
  • Fixed: Download Link setting didn't update shortcode in editor dialog


  • Fixed: (E) Additional bug fixes
  • Fixed: jQuery error in editor integration


  • Fixed: (E) Toolbar customizations broken after Google redesign
  • Fixed: iPhone scrolling bug (thanks Vayu)
  • Changed: Confirmed compatibility with WP 3.3


  • Fixed: HTML syntax bug when custom dimensions provided


  • Added: ZIP/RAR Archive support (thanks enkerli)


  • Added: Ability to track downloads with Google Analytics (thanks omarigil)
  • Changed: New editor integration was disabled by default - oops! (thanks Brian)


  • Added: TinyMCE and Quicktag editor integration (thanks cr.aguila)
  • Added: Option to override internal caching of viewer (thanks Brian)
  • Added: More individual overrides for global settings
  • Fixed: Deprecated HTML output that interfered with some browsers
  • Removed: Plugin conflict code and setting; not particularly useful


  • Added: Viewer support for multiple new file types
  • Changed: Workaround for NextGEN Gallery incompatibility (thanks alex)
  • Changed: Defaults to Standard Viewer (IE problem is fixed!)


  • Fixed: Minor compatibility issue with some PHP versions
  • Changed: Confirmed compatibility with WP 3.1


  • Changed: Removed min-width restriction of viewer (thanks Amanda)
  • Fixed: (E) Viewer failed to load in hardened PHP configs (thanks Waseem)
  • Fixed: Force Download option failed in hardened PHP configs
  • Fixed: Options page layout quirks in lower resolutions
  • Fixed: Options page PHP parse error on XAMPP (thanks John)


  • Added: Support for Word documents (DOC, DOCX)
  • Added: Default language option for viewer
  • Added: (E) Revived ability to hide selected viewer toolbar buttons (from 1.7)
  • Changed: (E) IE now supported by "enhanced viewer" proxy option (ie-warn removed)
  • Fixed: Filenames with spaces wouldn't load
  • Fixed: Suppress beta notification option not honored


  • Added: Option to restrict download link to logged in users (thanks kris)
  • Added: Compatibility with WP 3.0


  • Added: Support for PPS files (thanks Dan) - Note: Google later dropped this.
  • Changed: Simplified default IE Warning text


  • Fixed: "Turn off beta notifications" needlessly still checked for beta version
  • Confirmed WP 2.9 compatibility
  • Test of beta delivery


  • Fixed: Options not saved in some instances due to variable collision (thanks gadgetto)
  • Fixed: Options not saved when plugin is reactivated
  • Changed: Default width now 100% (existing setting will be preserved)
  • Added: Notification of beta versions


  • Added: Revealed more troubleshooting options (under "Advanced Options")
  • Fixed: No longer relies on cURL for any function
  • Changed: Function overhaul for general efficiency and reduced database calls
  • Removed: WP 2.5 compatibility. Now requires WordPress 2.8+.


  • Fixed: Fatal PHP error if cURL library not active (WAMPServer, etc.)


  • Added: Temporary (I hope) workaround option to insert help statement for users of IE8


  • Added: Ability to set height/width to percentage (thanks eturfboer)
  • Fixed: Compatibility with PHP 5.3+, various function tuning


  • Fixed: File URL containing tilde (~) considered invalid (thanks mjurek)


  • Removed: toolbar button options (Google prevents this from working, sorry)


  • Fixed: Misleading error message if file= attribute not used (thanks ersavla)
  • Fixed: Bug in cURL header may cause false "not found" error


  • Added: Ability to hide selected viewer toolbar buttons
  • Fixed: Mask URL option ignored on non-PDF file types


  • Added: Additional class names for optional stylesheet use
  • Added: Support to embed TIFF images
  • Fixed: Invalid settings link in plugin list (WordPress MU)
  • Changed: Embed path to conform to Google published guidelines


  • Fixed: Viewer not hidden if linked file not found
  • Fixed: Divide by zero error if file size can't be determined
  • Fixed: PHP error if file not found (force download link)
  • Fixed: File not found falsely reported on some web servers


  • Improved error checking.
  • Improved customization options for download text.
  • Added option to override default browser behavior for PDF links (force download).
  • Added option to reset options to defaults.


  • Installation bug fix. If you installed 1.0, please completely delete and reinstall plugin. Sorry :(


  • Added options page.


  • Error checking added.


  • Initial beta release. Fully functional, but no niceties...

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